"The only sustainable advantage over your competitors is when you are able to learn faster then them."

Arie de Geus

In order to hold and improve their position on the competitive market the continuous training of the leaders and colleagues is inevitable. Beside development, time is also an important factor for all companies, therefore is also a significant aspect of consideration for us that we convey knowledge as efficiently as possible. The key of our success lies in the thorough preparation work. It is essential that we reveal the underlying problems and deficiencies.
We configure the specific subject of our training based on these factors, suited to our customer. Our consultant with the greatest expertise and best reference regarding the specific demand will present the events to our client.

The most frequent demands:

  • skill improvement programmes
  • trainings to increase sales efficiency
  • customer service training
  • team building
  • management training
  • stress– and conflict resolution
  • improvement of cooperation skills

Managers' training:

These days the expectations towards the managers are increased both in terms of results and concerning their leadership abilities. Our vocational trainings are focused on the fundamental issues of efficient leadership: situations of decision making, motivation, delegation, time management, solution of difficult situations, crisis management.

In preparing the syllabus of for the course, we bear in mind whether the training will be held for top managers, middle– or lower level managers, and in what type of environment it will take place. The demand for the training of freshly appointed colleagues or associates to succeed their leader's position, with no leadership experience. For them we recommend a basic training as a team and a following individual training on request.

Training programs classified by the skills to be improved:

  • self–recognition
  • communication, presentation
  • project management
  • time management
  • conflict resolution
  • stress handling
  • assertivity
  • motivation
  • efficient human resource selection and interview techniques

Our trainings have a modular structure, thus the client has the choice to influence the syllabus, which is composed during the preparation stage, fine tuned on the basis of target oriented interviews with the participants.