Outplacement (constructive dismissal)

The best way of constructive dismissal in the case of mass workforce reduction; efficient assistance for the released in getting through the psychological, social and legal effects of redundancy and in finding an employment. Often a service provided individually for the management position dismissals.

This service is to make the departure of the employees more humane, free of conflicts, regulated by rules, and in a manner that increases the chances of the employees to find a new employment.

Applying outplacement makes a positive influence on the image of the client company. Special expertise and neutral standpoint of our consultants offers an efficient solution.

Our consultants give:

  • an overview on actual labour market expectations,
  • information on alternative career possibilities,
  • information on needed professional knowledge,
  • ideas how to participate successfully in selection processes,
  • information of concrete job–offers,
  • and develop self–recognition,
  • and offer individual coaching.