Mediation ("supported communication for the sake of an agreement")

"The essence of mediation is the power to turn the parties toward each other without forcing them to follow rules. It helps to reinterpret their relation in a new and mutually accepted manner, by which their attitude towards one another changes"


Mediation is a special method of conflict management, within which a neutral third party (the mediator) mediates based on mutual consent of the opposed parties. The mediator helps to clarify the nature of the conflict in the process of problem solution, and helps them find a solution that is satisfactory for both parties.

The basic elements of mediation:

  • applying techniques for advancing negotiations
  • identification of the problem
  • approximation of the standpoints
  • dividing the process of negotiations to steps
  • the development of empathic communication
  • search for alternative solutions
  • identifying a common target
  • preventing the occurrence of narrow mindedness, lack of trust, tense attitude

Getting familiar with the methodology of mediation is very useful for participants working in responsible management positions and project leaders alike, for the resolution of conflict situations.