Management Audit

An analysis and evaluation process that indicates the competence, potential, strengths and weak points of the corporation's top most intellectual resource, i.e. the management. It reveals whether the company leadership is able to meet the market and business challenge, whether it can continuously keep developing and changing for the sake of the successful operation of the company. The demand for Management Audit usually emerges from change in the circumstances of the market, that of the business environment of the client company, or directly within the company's internal relations (change in ownership, merger, personal or organizational changes). Management Audit is carried out by our consultants with great expertise. The evaluation of certain leaders or the entire management is based on predefined personal and business competence surveys.

The applied method –

  • structured interview
  • so called 360 degree assessment
  • AC / DC
  • personality and workplace behaviour analysis

is determined in consideration of the client company's business profile, the purpose of the management audit, the skills to be evaluated and also based on consultancy with the client.

As a result, a reduction of expenses and increased efficiency may be achieved; blocked capacities can be revealed, and development needs will emerge, the future steps to be made shall be based upon.