Thomas DISC analysis system – as an advanced means for selection and development

"We hire people for their specific knowledge and dismiss them for their behavioural faults."

Financial Times

Thomas DISC analysing system may be efficiently utilised to avoid the losses of both the employer and the employee resulting from the situation mentioned in the above quotation.

The personality, behavioural, aptitude and ability tests analyse people's behavioural style at work, identify their strengths and limitations and help measure their mental agility. They have many applications including recruitment and retention, personal and organisational development, succession planning, coaching, team building, career planning and appraisal.

This user–friendly online system enables you to apply and use these business tools, and our experienced trainers and consultants are always available to give you support and advice.

The system reflects the personality of the candidate concerning the predefined aspects; it demonstrates the skills used in everyday practice. DISC analyses the behaviour of the examined person along 4 factors (dominance, influencing ability, steadiness, compliance) in work and as effected by stress. It helps the seamless integration of the selected person and improves the odds of a successful long term cooperation.

It may be utilised in numerous other areas apart from labour force selection:

  • clarification of demands and competences of a position
  • surveying the needs for training,
  • development of management,
  • improving sales efficiency,
  • performance evaluation,
  • team building,
  • increasing motivation,
  • career management,
  • resolving conflict situations.