Direct Search / Headhunting

We provide true value for our customers by presenting the leaders, professionals, most suitable for their needs, from the most authentic sources. Thus we are able to raise the attention of even those potential candidates who originally have not been considering an employment change. Our customer may hereby gain a substantial competitive advantage.

The process of search and selection:

  • Generation of candidates:
    • addressing and pre–selection of the potential candidates from the range of most authentic companies
    • databank screening
    • contacting the candidates of former projects for a similar position
    • inquiries through existing network of contacts
    • occasionally placing advertisements on our website without naming our customer
  • Preparing so called long lists based on pre–selections, organising interviews;
  • The consultant does deep interviews with the most motivated applicants.
  • Reports are prepared on the best applicants, so that the Customer may consider who the most suitable candidates are.
  • In the course of the careful selection process we apply the most effective methods, adjusted to the individual case, having consulted the Customer:
    • Assessment Centre, that traces the weak and strong points of the candidates regarding the required competency under true work conditions,
    • Personality and behaviour analysis by Thomas DISC test which determines whether the applicant may be integrated with the company culture and the scope of duties; makes the evaluation of candidate more precise, and points out the questions yet to be answered.
    • Reference Checking
  • Introduction of the best applicant to the customer, preferably in the presence of our Consultant colleague.
  • Assisting the Client in decision making
  • Advancing the integration of the appointed candidate by keeping continuous contact.