AC / DC (Assessment– and Development Centre)

Excellent means for selection and determination of targets of development. It reveals the strengths and limitations of participants in comparison to the competences of the given position both in individual and team activities. The exercises are built up in a way to model the actual work situations to the greatest extent.

In the selection, Assessment Centre enhances the pay off; DC is a method that makes the optimising HR projects more successful.

The Development Centre is a useful tool in determining the level of possessed relevant competence, and the extent of its appearance in the everyday conscious behaviour of the given person. The method applies individual and team activities, situation exercises and tests. Having previously built up the system of criteria, our experts compile a range of tasks tailored specifically to the demands of the customer. The participants of the survey – as many as 5–6 persons – are to accomplish their tasks before a committee consisting of external–(consultant) and internal observers (appointed members and colleagues of the company).

During the programme the observers rate each applicant, and the final, objective evaluation will be based on the results of consensus.