How shall we bring it to the surface?

How does it become the key to our success??


HR activity consists of numerous segments, pieces of a mosaic picture. We may gain an increased value by taking the picture apart and examining, reshaping its individual parts, but the harmonious integrity, the efficient corporate system can only be achieved by the accurate refinement and piecing together of the separate elements.

Our experts have specialised in forming these mosaics, and they are in possession of all means to meet high quality standards while fulfilling their task. Due to their several years of experience in the field, they are capable of adjusting to the demands and circumstances of the client in order to realise a work of high value.

We have founded ADVANCEMENTOR Consultancy Company with the intention of enhancing the success of our clients by a wide range and variety of professional HR solutions that can be combined on demand. We offer the specific segments of our service portfolio individually, and we are also willing to perform a thorough position analysis on request to provide an accurately prepared service package for our Client. We keep assisting our Clients - to reach their goals - with full proficiency, long developed methods and we always provide an individually suitable solution.